About RockGrowth.com & Alan (founder)

#1 Let’s start with RockGrowth.com

We’re all about helping you (the expert) grow & scale your expert business. Make it lucrative, enjoyable and fun.

When you know how be RELEVANT to your prospects, BRIDGE those prospects to happy clients, and how to GRAVITATE them towards you at will, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly grow your expert business to be the business you dream of and deserve. All our material is designed to help you with those three elements, using cutting-edge proprietary strategies and tools.

We help you achieve that. We experiment hard so you don’t have to.

#2 About Me – Alan (i.e. the founder)…

Few points as to why you should listen to what I have to “say”:

  • No formal education in business growth (e.g. MBA or similar). Only “get your hands dirty” experience based one over 10 years.
  • Owned and co-owned 2 businesses and 1 non-profit. That ended.
  • Currently involved in 2 more (that’s a total of 5 as of this writing). Rockgrowth.com (this one) and one I can’t yet disclose (wuhu…secrecy and stuff, lol)
  • I’ve helped secure few investments in our SaaS startup from various sources
  • I’ve built & lead an in-house marketing, sales, operations and development teams
  • I advised, consulted and helped dozen entrepreneurs and business owners on their business journey (here are few)
  • I’ve developed a proprietary methodology called SpinFramework™ (read all 9 strategies here for free)
  • etc.

Personal note

Biographies are really weird things. About pages. All that. You basically have to primp yourself up and act all pompous and important and make sure people know why you’re worth it, lol. I’m a really approachable and nice guy. Never hesitate to introduce yourself to me when you see me out, online and about, okay? I’m cool. Promise.

Now here a few things about me since you wish to know me better…

Few random pics about me

Few random facts about me

In no particular order:

  • I have a lovely wife (for 15+ years) and 2 pumpkins (1 and 8)
  • As a college student I worked all kinds of jobs before building “business growth career”… I was a waiter, mover guy”, fixed computers, built event stages, administered several computer networks…you name it! You know…everyday guy
  • I’ve slept in office for more than a month combined in few years while I was trying to get a startup off the ground (also I eat 2 slices of pizza daily for more than a year, lost the apartment I was living in with wife and 3 year old kid etc.!! #StupidButWorthIt)
  • I love scuba diving and being under water (discovered few years ago on a trip to Cuba)
  • I kind of an introvert. Except when I’m not. Beat that!
  • I’m a college dropout from Computer Science. Been in “touch” with AI, neural networks, all that modern jazz before it was “a thing”
  • I have super low tolerance to tech not working. Which is not really smart since tech is always gonna sometimes break (read that again, lol)
  • I’m crazy about optimization… I’d optimize optimization itself it that would be possible
  • I always strive for simplicity
  • Authenticity & integrity above all else
  • I “lost” 2 best friends while I was building business growth skills. They broke our relationship. Go figure. Life.
  • I’m sci-fi fan and love superhero movies (Marvel, DC, Lucas Films etc.)
  • Module I made in just 14 days at my first “legit” student job as a programmer was sold for approx. $24,000! I was paid somewhere around $5/hour. Whaaaat?! Yeah… It was one of those “AHA!” moments.
  • I was shy as s*** when I was a kid! Like reaaaaaally shy!
  • I officially wasn’t employed not even for 1 day by others. It was all my businesses and resourcefulness.
  • I’m 6,5’ (or 202cm) tall! No, didn’t play basketball. It was a handball player for 8 years. It was fun!
  • I’m a blood donor for a few years in a row now (just cause I can and it’s the right thing to do).
  • I consider myself a “polymath”. I love interconnecting philosophy, religion, science, history, psychology (human behaviour), mental models etc. So we can converse about wide array of topics.
  • I’ve read gazillion books on various topics. I’ll make a list of the ones I recommend someday…maybe.
  • I love travelling. We’re constantly on the move. Like… we’re ALWAYS somewhere, lol.
  • I know a few languages and have few certificates according to LinkedIn profile, lol (all true).

Let’s explore the WHY (i.e. the hunger)

#1 My driver in the past – childhood

I’m grateful for that experience. From mom’s perspective, it was a constant struggle/hustle. Constant fight. Raising me, constant family issues, money issues etc. *sigh*

I don’t want this kind of life for you! I can propel you faster further with less friction. Succeed by actually living your life. No need to constantly hustle! Ditch that s*** right now (if you believe your have to hustle to succeed). Sure you’ll need to work and “get your hands dirty”. But hustle? Not at this address.

#2 My driver in the future – legacy & freedom of choice

The main reason I’m pushing so much is if I can put a body of work 40 years from now that showed the process of a young man that put in the work, had the vision, the mission, did it the right way, tried to help people along the way because he was trying to build “the biggest building in town” by building it, not by tearing everybody else’s buildings down and I actually accomplish it…well THAT becomes a real “success story” worth knowing about.

I want to build Billion $ empire on “good” and show my 2 little pumpkins and all other 6 Billion people it can be done – money, impact, freedom of choice…all that jazz – when you start from the bottom. Just with a hunger, discipline, persistence and a bit of “crazy”.

As I said…I’m everyday guy. I was born and raised in former Yugoslavia where capitalism was “evil”. I had to “fix” a lot of deep inner mindset misbeliefs about money, self-worth, inner sense of guilt etc.

Point? If I can do it, you can too.

The difference? You have a “how” plan laid out. You can be much faster than I was. I didn’t have that. It took me 10 years.

If you’re an expert and business owner, you don’t have any excuse not to win! I’ve outlined complete framework for you (for free!) here on “silver platter”. Click and learn!

Let’s go!

Talk soon,
– Alan

PS: I hope we “clicked” and your instinct signals you we are a “fit”. If that isn’t the case, I suggest you find yourself another (more suitable) role-model to guide you. I don’t want you to like or follow me. I 1st want you to succeed even if that means “pointing” you away from me. On your business journey always strive to (a) build environment (online & offline) that supports your growth and (b) that’s a personality match. Deal?

Now read more about you (the expert) & your future (if haven’t done that already) here.