4 Different Types Of Experts. Who Are You To Your Clients and Who Do You Need To Grow Your Business

Alan Ristić
May 23, 2019

There’s a lot of confusion and turmoil around all this…who is who and what and what each does exactly. How each should be called. And on top of that I talk to experts who WASTE months defining what THEY are?! P-a-i-n!

Let’s end this dilemma of yours once and for all (you’ll thank me later). Let’s call “Bob Bob”, ok?

So I’ve listened to a podcast from some guy recently as I was trying to get some good definition around that and here is how he sees this (short version):

  • [ Business | Life | Your-Buzzword-Here ] Coach
    Idea is that you (as a client) bring your problems, information, ideas, your current life or business situation and your coach helps you understand and clarify that. They help you take it apart and then kind of keep you accountable to it.
    They don’t need to be amazing at it. They simply have to be able to (1) ask questions and (2) give you clarity. So it’s like, you take 100% of responsibility and they bring 0% of responsibility to the working relationship.
  • Mentor
    Idea is that you (as a client) bring 50%. You bring your challenges, problems and issues. And then your mentor bring you 50%, which is his/her expertise, knowledge, skills, experiences. Almost like a guide up the mountain from the perspective – “here’s how I’ve done it before… I’m not certain 100% this is going to work but based upon everything I know this is what it looks like”.
  • Advisor
    You’re in a situation where you don’t know a lot of anything (you’re new to the field) so it’s more like you bring 10% of knowledge and advisor delivers 90% of knowledge to the table. So your advisor is advising you on something you know nothing about. When it comes to responsibility for results those ratio flips to you being 90% in charge for your results, and your advisor only 10% responsible (and plz don’t ask me how you calculate that lol)
  • Consultant
    Is basically advisor; just that consultant is implementing work. They are pushing the pieces and buttons to help you achieve your goal.

The bad news is that these 4 pieces interconnect which I’m sure you’re aware of. That’s why the line between them is blurry (at best).

My POV on this is a bit different (aka The good news).

It doesn’t really matter who is “what”. What you want and what your prospects want is to have their problem solved – as effectively and efficiently as possible. That’s all. It’s literally that simple.

That’s what you should strive to achieve with your own offer.

Let’s talk if you want help optimizing your current offer (or creating new one) fast and offering it at high-end price, integrating all 4 expert “types” into (your) 1 package. In SK we call it High-Impact Signature Offer™




  • All successful people have expert help – mentors, coaches, advisors, consultants. They give them speed (hint: you should have one too). No point in reinventing the wheel when somebody has been there before and fixed issues you’re experiencing, right?
  • Always CARE for your clients as you’d like to be “cared for” by your expert/coach/mentor. Don’t take them as clients if you’re not 100% sure you can deliver what you promise!
  • You can create content fast by wrapping your opinion around someone else’s opinion(go figure). But you’re not allowed to (or needed to) create it if you’re not earning (at least) $10k/month consistently! If you’re under that you have other priorities to address first…
  • ….Book a call and get a help from expert that is literally business growth expert for experts take a view at what you’re doing and how you can get out of a rut you’re stuck in and/or achieve your goals faster than doing it on your own.
  • You’re an expert on helping people achieve something. End of debate. Move on.


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