[confession] My 1st $6.000 Sale From 1st Consultation

Alan Ristić
May 23, 2019

…as you could imagine 1st one was special!

When I heard that money is on bank account, I flipped.

$6.000 in from 1st CONSULTATION!?” Hahaha…

Of course I was excited but also a bit scared.

I remember thinking, “can I really make these much money in just one conversation?!” I mean you know it’s possible cause you hear other people are doing it, right?

But I never quite knew for a fact that it’d be possible FOR ME! There was a lot of self doubt and disbelief I had to work through.

And then of course it wasn’t all about the money either. More than financial abundance, I just wanted security, CONTROL over my finances, and a bit of freedom from “the grind.”

Just writing about this, I feel really grateful and blessed by it…

Cause I started from nothing.

No brand… no big celebrity endorsements… just a MacBook Pro, phone, and a willingness to dive in and get started…again.

And one more BIG component… which I’ll actually tell you about tomorrow. Because no amount of YouTube motivational videos, “drive” and willpower will make up for a lack of this component.

(SO, just telling you to check your email tomorrow and make sure to read through it)

The thing is that today I hear all the normal excuses:

  • I don’t have a big email list!” (Neither did I, about 39 people on it to be exact)
  • I don’t have a product or program to sell.” (Yep, same here. I took what was “out there” and made it better/more efficient “on-the-fly”)


People will tell you all the “stuff” you need to do to hit your goals… but it turns out there are really just a few. Numero uno being a belief that it really is possible with the right set of ingredients.

Like the apple pie, right? If you have the right set of ingredients and step-by-step instructions/process in place, you can make THE BEST apple pie on the planet every single time. Repeatable. Like in bakery down the town 😉


I don’t know you (yet) and you don’t really know me (yet) but I’m hoping that changes (seriously).

One thing you’ll learn about me is that I pretty much lay it all on the table. I’m authentic and vulnerable at times… because that’s important to me.

Also if you hate money, you’ll probably hate me too… cause I’m always pushing. Wealth is the scoreboard of entrepreneurship and it’s important you play to win…

That’s in my DNA.

I do what I say and really do care for my clients and the Tribe that I’ve been trusted with (you’re part of that now btw)…

So here’s the deal. NEXT, I’m gonna tell you about that “big component” that I didn’t have time to dive into here… It’s a major reason guys/gals are able to hit their goals quick and it’ll be huge for you as well.

Then we’ll be jumping into some more training where I can break this proven stuff down into more detail for you.

If you’re super impatient (which btw is great in this case) then apply for your free 10min Clarity Call™ and let’s talk.

Until next time…
– Alan



  • I wasn’t always that confident in the possibility of making 6K in just one sale. #psychologySuff
  • I’m making money for myself so I probably can make it for you too. #shocker
  • Entrepreneurship isn’t about money, but “freedom of choice” money provides…and of course leaving positive mark in the world. #qualityOfLife
  • Right set of ingredients make the best apple pie in the world…or lasagna…or anything really. #logical
  • I’m cool guy and I’ll help you when you stay “close” even if you don’t buy anything from me. #shureYouWill
  • Mac/pc + phone + willingness to succeed…that’s all you need to win. Apply for your free 10 min Clarity Call™, and see for yourself. #proven
  • Damn!! There is always that “one secret” people tease you with and don’t tell!! #copywritingOpenLoopWorks


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