How To Stabilize Motivation “Swings” (3 Levels Of Drive)

Alan Ristić
January 23, 2020

Hey team!

Today I’m gonna explain why you’re constantly feeling up & down, motivated, demotivated like a crazy roller coaster and how to stabilize that in a way that’s actually sustainable for the long haul.

Levels of intrinsic motivation. This is gold. Keep reading… (or watch & listen to the episode on Facebook if you’re more “watchy” type ;))

The vast majority of clients before they come into our SpinKit Program are like a moody roller coaster! Up & down, up & down. I mean… it’s hard to plan & rely on performance like that to achieve anything meaningful. So that’s one of the first things we fix with them.

What’s happening?

You can be driven for various reasons. But not all drive is a good drive. Like with most things. Not all attention is good attention.

I mean…you could write your brand name and message on your back, completely undress and run up & down your neighborhood. You’d definitely get attention. New clients…njeh…quite unlikely.

So “bad” attention, there’s also “bad” drive. It’s just a bit difficult to spot it because “bad” drive is actually wrapped in results. So it delivers.

1st level of inner drive is PUSH.

When I started I was PUSH driven. It’s when you’re trying to escape something. Some past experience… Maybe you don’t wanna be poor. Maybe you don’t wanna same parenting experience for your kids you’ve experienced, etc.

PUSH drive is fear-driven.

Have you heard the phrase “this dude has a chip on his shoulder?” It means exactly that.

The PUSH drive is really powerful, but it’s not sustainable over a longer period of time.

It’s like the gazelle running away and trying to escape the lion. She’s fear-driven. And for good reason for that matter. But it can run for a really short period of time. PUSH drive allows her this “energy bursts” she needs to survive.

PUSH drive has serious health issues associated with it. It’s not healthy for you.

I was fear motivated for too long and I’ve taken a hit from that. Thankfully nothing too serious, but concerning nonetheless.

The trick is that you don’t notice the negative effects PUSH Drive has on you. If you’re familiar with Atomic Habits by James Clear, he demonstrates that small negative 1% inputs multiply in time and produce serious health issues. Don’t wanna go into details, but stress produces excess in cortisol, which is good & helpful in a small dosage, but excess seriously messes you up.

So fear-based drive, the 1st level of drive is powerful but unsustainable on long-haul. It’s a good motivator initially, but then it wears out… Here’s why.

It has this ineffectiveness built-in, that… Once you’ve achieved and overcome that fear you’re trying to escape from, you’re “done!” You’re like a car without fuel. And you’re surprised, how the heck you feel “empty” when you’ve finally achieved that goal you’ve long strived to achieve.

So how do you know if you are stuck in a place where your main driver is PUSH?

You’ll have these massive bursts of energy where you can move the world for a day’s or weeks or sometimes even months, and then you’ll feel burned out. Is this a cycle for you, where you’re like “I’m gonna set everything on fire” and after that, you’re like “Nah, I don’t care anymore… Whatever. Everything sucks.” If that’s your cycle you’re probably caught in that 1st level of fear-based PUSH Drive.

Then you graduate to a place of PULL.

If in the 1st fear-based PUSH drive you tried to escape from something, in 2nd level of PULL drive you’re being drown towards something.

So at 1st level, you wanna be able to pay out your mortgage. And on the 2nd level, you wanna buy a new, better and bigger house altogether since you own the first house.

You have a picture of what you wanna create and you wake up every morning knowing what you wanna create for yourself. That’s a PULL drive.

So what are you excited about? You don’t know? That’s why your energy is down. You have to know your future self you’re creating and becoming. And wrap your goals around that.

It’s much better to know targets you wanna hit than the ones you’re trying to avoid.

Your longevity is different per level of drive. Higher your drive is, the longer you can sustain it.

So what’s level 3? Level 1, PUSH. Level 2 PULL. Level 3, PURPOSE.

If PUSH and PULL are left and right, on the opposite sides of the coin, PURPOSE is above both. It attaches meaning that’s bigger than you to all your intrinsic motivators.

If you study GOATS trough out the history – and I don’t mean GOATS as animals, lol, but GOATS as an acronym for Greatest Of All Time – you’ll realize that they ALL had a purpose that was far bigger than them. Every single one, without exception. Jesus, Mother Theresa, Dalailama, Oprah, Gates, Elon Musk… You see them and think “how the heck did they survived all that roadblocks and push back, even physical pain?!They were driven by PURPOSE.

Think for the moment… The contribution you can have to other beings is beyond amazing in today’s day and age. You’ve got so many opportunities to impact people with your skills and ideas. It answers one of the questions Jim Rohn (mentor to the mentors) asks… What makes life worthwhile?” This does. PURPOSE drive.

If you’re aware of where you are. And what’s possible for you. And then you push through and get to that “purpose level”… It’s the most rewarding feeling ever. You’ll get up early, you’ll do those calls, you’ll do what it takes to win. Because you know it’s not just about you anymore, but also about others.

And listen… Most times it’s not that you need to “find” this big thing. Usually, it’s a simple perspective switch that’s already ingrained in you. You just have to dig a bit to find it. Take time and consider these thoughts for yourself.

Also, understand that it’s not one or other…what you wanna have is defined all 3 drives and know them, feel them nad “drink” them daily. It’s the perfect “drive cocktail” that will keep you healthy for the long haul.

I’ll do my best to deliver more of these “value bombs” for you in the future. Currently, they are scheduled to be released every Monday. Tell me if you liked it. What you wanna talk more about when it comes to your “inner mechanics”… drive, perspective, personal obstacles, etc. And I’ll try to address them in the future.

So if you found this piece valuable, tell me that by liking it and share it with your peers. This way you help them learn something new which I’m sure they’ll appreciate.

If you want to know more about how to dig these drivers out of you, run and grow your business with better execution consistency, achieve more and be more fulfilled while doing it, reach out and we’ll talk this trough.

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