Missing Component For Getting Results FAST

Alan Ristić
May 23, 2019

I’m about to tell you about one of the hardest times I can remember in my career. Because I believe there are two main ways to learn:

  • Make the mistake and figure it out at your cost
  • Look at somebody else’s mistakes and learn at THEIR cost

And if you’re here you might as well “cash in” on the failures and experiences I’ve had over the years, right?

I tried to succeed for 8 years on my own (what can I say, I’m persistent dude) and reinvent the wheel 100 times. Simply because I didn’t believe in coaching/consultancy & mentors. I believed they are all “fogg-sellers”. I was arrogant and stupid (at best) and harmful to my family & friends (I had no cash flow then) at worst.

Long story short…

After 8 years & $150K+ burned, I made a decision to follow some system from this guy named Carlos. It worked. It delivered on what he promised (what a shocker, right?!). And I started crawling out of the “cave” I put myself into (not to be too morbid here, but I’m actually thinking grave, not cave).

I learned from his failures & success. I trusted the system and I started getting results almost overnight.


Carlos’ system costs money (not trying to sell you anything here. Continue reading.) And a lot of folks – average Joes/Janes – I talk to, don’t want to “spend” that much money for a system like that (or any system for that matter). They rather do it by themselves and “figure it out”.

You see here is where wealthy people become wealthier and average Joes/Janes stay “poor”.


Well, wealthy understand that “figuring it out” ends up costing them A LOT more than paying someone to accelerate their journey to their goals:

  1. Costing a lot more money; There is s.c. “Opportunity Cost” happening while average Joe tries to figure it out, while he could actually be earning all that time (now translate that to my 8 years of suffer!!)
  2. Costing a lot more time; All the trial & error, frustration and wasted life living in uncertainty while figuring it out versus proven path that works? I know I’m not going on “figuring it out” path EVER!! for anything new. Time is scarce resource that I’m not getting back. Wealthy know that.

And this is the promised BIG component to winning – the “invisible” component that most people overlook or ignore completely:

Good investments produce acceleration in terms of Speed/Money and Results.

He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.” – Ben Johnson

And if that amazing quote didn’t convince you just think for the moment and try to remember all “big-time” leaders/winners you know in your life. And if they have any coach/consultant that helped them get there and stay there…presidents, athletes, other biz.owners? They all have consultants, coaches etc.

See. It’s what winners know and do.

Start winning on different level. Apply.

Talk soon,
Alan Ristić / RockGrowth™



  • I too make mistakes. #noWay!
  • I deliver on vulnerability part I promised you in previous emails. #authenthiciyIsEverything
  • I actually currently do what I believed for 8 years was stupid. #busted
  • The guys name wasn’t really Carlos. That’s the name from my Cuban friend. #checkHostelMangoInHavana
  • By “average Joe” I’m not trying to insult anyone. It’s just mathematical fact based on their income level – that’s average based on the country they live in. #simpleStatistics
  • Apply for your free breaktrough strategy consultation with me and get that Speed & Money working for you sooner than later. #growFast

Next: About Guaranteeing results (me for you and you for your clients)


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