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How To Stabilize Motivation “Swings” (3 Levels Of Drive)

Hey team! Today I’m gonna explain why you’re constantly feeling up & down, motivated, demotivated like a crazy roller coaster and how to stabilize that …

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Expert’s Growth Currencies Besides Money (3 Types)

Today we’re talking about future-proofing you and your business and exploring what billionaires and poor have in common, and how that translates to your case. …

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How Do You Handle It? “Wealthy Money” vs. “Poor Money”

Here’s what we’re talking about today… cash vs. credit – “Wealthy money” vs. “poor money”. Tabu among many (you?). My 2 cents on the subject… …

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“Got Lucky” Part In Your Business Success And Failure

There is this “magic” view on people’s success instilled in people (you?). Most people see luck as this external force we have no control over. …

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Why “More Leads” Won’t Solve Your “More Sales” Issues (And What Will)

It’s about what some people teach and it’s not necessarily true. Internet marketing world is pretty intense and full of scammers and it’s hard to …

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4 Different Types Of Experts. Who Are You To Your Clients and Who Do You Need To Grow Your Business

There’s a lot of confusion and turmoil around all this…who is who and what and what each does exactly. How each should be called. And …

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How To Charge MORE Than What You’re Worth

Would you really like to charge MORE than you’re worth?! Oh boy… Hopefully not. If so, something is seriously wrong with you and we probably …

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What Has Year 1905 To Do With Your Guarantee Today

In 1905 Einstein’s theory of special relativity shows that matter (as mass) and energy can be converted into each other according to the famous equation …

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