If you have access to audience of experts or know someone who’s an expert, we invite you to our…

Referral Partnership Program

Earn $1,000+/client and $600/client/year Lifetime Recurring Commission AND commissions from all future purchases from your referrals!

Quick Brief About Us

We help experts grow their expert business – help them become 6/7 figure go-to experts.

We help them:

  • optimize their offer so that owner has more time (works less), charges more and impacts more.
  • optimize their stranger-to-client process with 1 simple (low-maintenance) funnel
  • optimize their client acquisition via organic, partnered and paid channels etc.

How It Works?

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Joining our Referral Partnership Program is free. You do not require any payment to join. We pre-approve all partner applications. You can start earning in seconds.

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Select a range of insightful free content to share anytime, anywhere – on your Website, Email List, Social Media and 1:1 Messaging Chats when you believe that piece would be helpful to your audience.

Collect Lifetime Referrals


When anyone clicks on one of your shared links, they land on our website. Our tool tracks their activity and you will collect a lifetime referral(s) when they opt-in to any of our free resources.

Earn Commisions, Get Paid Monthly


Keep earning $1,000/client from SpinKit™  Workshop and $600/client/year from SaaS  commissions for every new, renewed and future purchase your referrals make with us. Get paid every month.

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Few More Details

Our Target Market

Who it makes sense to share out free insightfull content with? In general sense they must be experts in their field of work…



B2C and B2B types of experts:

  • Professional Service Providers
    Designers, Ad Agencies, SEO, Copywriters, Funnel Builders etc.
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
    Life, Marriage, Dating, Parenting, Confidence, Personal Trainers etc.
  • Freelancers etc.




  • People who’re intoget rich quick” schemes (e.g. shady MLM/scamy stuff)
  • Retailers or Dropshippers (e.g. eCommerce)
  • People who are NOT experts at what they do
  • People who don’t have real intent of improving their current situation (e.g. “info junkies”)

And they must want to elevate their current expert business (work less, earn more, impact more etc.)

The Difference

Our referral program is probably a bit different from what you’re used to (assuming you’ve done partnerships before):

  • It’s not specific funnel-oriented (eg. Fit Your Community)
    You don’t have to share specific content etc. You can share anything from our website you believe would be helpful to your community.
  • It’s not specific time-oriented (eg. Fit Your Schedule)
    There’s no pre-committed “promotional dates” required from your part. All promotions/shares are evergreen. It means you can fill your promotional gaps with promoting our content whenever you want.
    That said would still want to promote/share our free content regularly since this program IS “zero-sum” game. That means that whoever first refers someone on our website (assuming they opt-in for free resource) gets to keep him.
  • You referrals are yours to keep – Forever!
    Anyone who you refer to our site, stays “yours” forever. Meaning we don’t cut you off after some predetermined period of time. When your linked referral buys someone instantly or in the future you get the commission.
  • You earnings/commissions are futureproof!
    That means that you get to earn from your linked referrals from all future valuable products we put on the market (our product pricing structure always has your commission included so you’ll always earn).
So all in all, your job is to simply refer your community/friends/colleagues to our website (via our helpful free content) + maybe say a word or two on how cool we are (if you already know that). We’ll do the rest of helping/converting/selling etc. and pay you what you’ve earned.

Promotion Dates/Schedule

  • There’s no pre-committed “dates” required for your part. All promotions/shares are evergreen. It means you can fill your promotional gaps with promoting our content whenever you want.
  • We’ll send you weekly “new stuff” email with new things you can share with your community (friends, colleagues, followers, email list etc.). Email will be prefixed with [PARTNER].
  • Occasionally we might (just to let you know) “ping” you 1:1 or via email when we expand our capacity to onboard new clients. Conversion process is faster and you get paid faster in this case.

Promotion Method/Resources

(A) For all partners, all content is accessible (for you-partner and your referral) from our RockGrowth.com website:

  • SpinFramework™ Guide
    9 Strategies That Power 7 Figure Expert Businesses & Make You Go-To Expert. Our proprietary in-house developed framework. 5 part series teaches expert how to be Relevant, how to build a Bridge and how to establish Gravity.
  • Special Trainings
    These are specific problem oriented. Few are already up, few are scheduled for the following weeks/months.
  • Other weekly published content
    This includes Articles, Quotes with a thought (we call them SuccessClues), “ask” videos etc.
(B) For partners that have reach to more than 10,000 people community (from our target market):
 We can be part of your podcasts/interviews, write guest posts, webinars etc. These are arranged on per-partner basis and are based on our schedule and capacity

Current Offers

Here’s our 2019 product line. We have few more planned for 2020+


Offer Name: SpinKit™ Workshop

Description: End time-for-money work, add $10-50k+/month to your income & join top 5% of go-to experts guaranteed. We help our clients build 1 powerful stranger-to-client system, fine tune their offer + sales process and help them set up their acquisition channels that helps them regain CONTROL of their income, workload and their business.

Target Market Specificity:

  • Experts who hustle a lot and are constantly overworked without significant income increase and want their life back
  • Experts who’re stuck at a certain income level and can’t get through
  • Experts who ride s.c. income “roller coaster” (dry seasons)
  • Experts who would like to transition into consulting and/or group programs, courses etc.
  • Experts who’re having trouble attracting enough clients (or have issues with attracting quality ones)
Partner Commision: $1,000/client
Partner Commision Model: 1 time payment after 14-90 days (depends on client’s ROI speed)

Fast Partner Earning Calculation: 

  1.   10 people referred = $10,000 
  2. 100 people referred = $100,000


NOTE: This is a SaaS product and is predicted to be released somewhere in the second half of 2019.

Offer Name: undisclosed yet

Description: specifics undisclosed yet

Target Market Specificity:

  • specifics undisclosed yet
Partner Commision: $600/client/year ($50/client/month)
Partner Commision Model: MRR(monthly recurring revenue) after 30 days as long as clients stays subscribed (no “cut-off” date for you)

Fast Partner Earning Calculation: 

  1.   10 people referred = $6,000/year (that’s $30,000 in 5 years)  
  2. 100 people referred = $60,000/year (that’s $300,000 in 5 years)

Fast Summary

  • You opt-in on RockGrowth.com and automatically became a partner.
  • By sharing ANY of our content, you refer “your people” (friends, colleagues, followers, community, tribe) who you believe would benefit from shared content piece to our website on RockGrowth.com (we’ll be producing new content and notify you weekly about that, so that you’ll have fresh things for your tribe)
  • When they convert to clients (anytime in the future) you earn commision of $1,000/client for SpinKit™ Workshop and $600/client/year for SaaS tool.

Join Us

Tracking will be automatic from that point forward. All shareable icons/links on our website will be equipped with your unique partnership ID so that everything is shareable directly from website (you must be logged-in). 

We’ll guide you through everything you need to know (you just focus on serving your own community/tribe best).

Your referrals, earned commissions, payouts etc. are all visible to you from your membership area. There’s also a great support (ticketing) system in place to help you out and steer you in the right direction when that’s needed.

Join today to get “lifetime” referrals collection activated!

We’ll get  you access to shareable resources and s.c. partner transparency dashboard