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#03 SpinFramework™ / Bridge

Alan Ristić
June 3, 2019

BRIDGE pillar in SpinFramework™ tackles the fact that your prospects most of the time simply aren’t ready to transform themselves thus invest in your solution first time they meet you.

The goal of BRIDGE pillar is to create what I call a “desire-demand pathway”.

You achieve that by giving your prospects the right “next steps” – right “invites” if you will – at the right time… Laying down the bridge – brick by brick towards you, effectively closing that giant prospect-to-client gap between you and your prospects.

You see not all prospects are at the same level of pain and problem-solution awareness when they meet you.

I’ve grouped them in four groups to show you who you should focus on in your expert business…

  • Observers
    These people are highly unaware about their issues. They feel something’s “off” but don’t really care much. They are in denial and the issues aren’t yet hurting them that much. They haven’t really accepted the fact that there is a problem in their life, business, relationship etc.  

    You don’t want to try to “convince” this group they have a problem. They’ll label you delusional.

  • Jumpers
    This group is drowning… Almost too desperately in search for solution, investing their resources into 100 different things – anything that would fix their situation fast.

    You don’t really want to work with this type of client since they are in such pain that they don’t really commit and care who or what will help them – just that it puts the fire out.

    Necessity is most often reason for bad long-term decisions and ignoring components of your methodology which – ironically leads to failure of achieving transformation he desires so much. Of course blaming you for their failure.

    Urgency to put out the fire “yesterday” often leads to searching for shortcuts, badwill and tension in relationship with you – resulting in breakup.

  • Transformation Seekers
    These people accepted the fact that they’re having a problem in their life, business or relationship etc. They are currently trying to figure out what the issues are, what’s causing them and what process (aka methodology) will solve their situationthat’s why positioning is so important.

    They are also looking for leaders (“go-to” experts) in the field.

    Prospect in this group is thinking “I know what issues I don’t want anymore in my life. I’m just not sure how to fix them…

    This is an ideal type of prospect you should focus on. You show them your positioning, your methodology, your authority and then finally you introduce them your solution – Offer. You achieve that by educating them on their issues, common mistakes etc. And when they’ll feel they know enough, they’ll transition to Action Takes.

  • Action Takers
    These prospects are educated and informed enough and decide it’s time to take the next step. They believe YOU can deliver their transformation. They feel safe with you enough so that they become your best clients.

    And the best part is that your journey doesn’t really end here but it only really begins.

    Now you deliver your promised transformation/outcome. After which you help them elevate even further on their journey when new issues show up in their path. But now they know, like and trust you already. So now that transition from first-time client to next-time client becomes even faster and more efficient.

Goal of LEADERSHIP is actually to transfer prospects from Transformation Seekers to Action Takers. These people are not desperate, but willing and informed about their current situation. They understand their pain, they understand your methodology, they know your authority…  They feel safe. And they decided it’s time to take that step – to invest in your solution.




So HOW do you make this happen? How do you build this BRIDGE?

3 steps…

  1. Build Authority
  2. Lead Your Tribe
  3. Enroll Best Client

Let’s explore this puzzle pieces more in detail.

#1 Build Authority

When people first meet you you’re a complete stranger to them. They don’t know you, they don’t know if they like you yet and they definitely don’t trust you.

You have to have a mechanism in place that builds your authority on the spot instantly.

By now you probably know that if you want to sell anything and really get the opportunity to help people you absolutely need them to trust you. But trust is given to you last. People have to know you and decide if they like you first.

That’s the flow:

When people first meet you – in person or on website or anywhere – they are asking things like:

  • Are you right for me?
  • Am I right for you?
  • Are we even fit for each other?

This discovery process is much like dating or finding true friends – coffee, coffee, lunch, dinner, party and then we define relationship. And I know some of you are faster in this “dating” things, lol – but you know where I’m going with this. Prospect has to know you before he or she decides to like you…or not.

And we’ll see how you achieve that in just a second.

I just want you to be aware of I more thing… you MUST be authentic. You must be you. Always. Never fake it – who you are and what you believe. You attract the same people “as you”. So if you want to work with the best clients, best partners and have the best employees then put authentic self out there.

How do you do that?

It’s simple actually. You communicate – in all your communication/marketing and selling encounters your methodology and your prospect’s struggles, fears, desires and aspirations in everything you “put out” in front of them.

Now the next thing you must do to make BRIDGE pillar work is…

#2 Lead Your Tribe

There are 2 “little secrets” most experts don’t understand when it comes to building “go-to” status in their marketplace…

  1. They try to be the biggest fish in the entire ocean
    “Biggest” fish makes you a “go-to” fish!
    But trying to be biggest in entire ocean is super-hard and requires crazy amount of resources only biggest companies in the world have. The solution? Build YOUR OWN ocean (or more of a pond really, lol) and be “biggest” there. So build your own tribe/community.

    And there’s another reason why you’d want to build your own Tribe (eg. pond)

  2. Most experts mostly focus on instant (aka “on the spot”) conversion from stranger-to-client
    Their communication is aggressive and spammy. Resulting in losing prospect forever.
    Where reality is that only low percent of prospects (like 1%) will convert from stranger-to-client on your first encounter. For other 99% you need something else… yes a Tribe/Community (eg. “pond”) that you own.

Tribe can be as simple as Email List or FB Group where you create more opportunities for prospects to get to know you better and convert to clients when they’re ready, not when you think they should buy.

And then there’s the last brick on your bridge…

#3 Enroll Best Clients

This is where you enroll prospects as best clients. But you don’t just work with anyone who opens a wallet. And you definitely don’t try to convince prospects to buy anything from you.

Here you reverse the selling process – making prospects start “fighting” to work with you (eg. “hunt you”) instead of you trying to convince them to buy. When that’s the case, you stop impressing them and rather start assessing, diagnosing and leading your prospects if you believe your solution is the best fit for them and if they themselves are someone you’d like to work with.

Enrolling clients actually becomes fun! You didn’t see this coming, did you, lol.

That’s it for this piece…




Today you experienced BRIDGE pillar of SpinFramework™. And we’d stop there if this would be enough to build predictable 6-7 figure business. But as you can imagine there’s again something else missing….one final piece.

RELEVANCY and BRIDGE are super powerful when combined. But the next component from SpinFramework™ – GRAVITY is what makes all the difference in running your business.

It really makes “friction” disappear from “the spin” – making your business fly. When you have this implemented you’ll never have to worry about not having enough clients again.

And that’s what we’ll find out next…




Next: how do you consistently capture enough of your prospect’s attention in the right place at the right time? Where and how do you find your best prospects? We’ll talk about GRAVITY component of SpinFramework™.

Read it here in your Expert’s Growth Hub: GRAVITY

Talk soon,

Founder, RockGrowth™ – Business Growth Expert for Experts
Creator, SpinFramework™

*** *** ***

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