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#04 SpinFramework™ / Gravity

Alan Ristić
June 3, 2019

The fact is that your prospects – if you don’t proactively do something – don’t KNOW you exist or (worse) somehow stumble upon you once for a few moments and then forget about you.

GRAVITY answers the following challenge… How do you consistently capture enough of your prospect’s attention in the right place at the right time? Where and how do you find your best prospects?

It gives you the ability to make your ideal prospects feel like you’re constantly present for them – they are constantly seeing and are attracted to your business wherever they go.

It turns from invisible and non-existent to omnipresent.

#1 Leverage Organic

One of the main goals when I started in business was to become independent in terms of getting clients. Independent from anyone and anything. This gives you ultimate peace of mind, knowing that you yourself are able to generate all the clients you need if everything else fails. It’s priceless tool to have in your entrepreneurial toolkit.

By just a few minutes per day (let’s say 20 minutes) you’ll be able to start generating clients instantly.

Here you use tools like FB Messenger, LinkedIn Messenger etc. It doesn’t really matter what you use as much as how you use the tool. The process is as simple as strongly connecting with your prospects and then inviting them to have a chat with you.

This is also a great gateway into next strategy…

#2 Activate Word Of Mouth

We all love referrals, right? But in most cases they happen randomly and without much of our involvement making it very unpredictable.  

This strategy amplifies referrals through strategic partnerships that allow you to onboard new prospects as leads in your tribe in groups of many instead of 1 by 1 as in previous Leverage Organic case. It’s much more efficient.

And it comes with a few other benefits like “borrowed trust” from partner that usually shortens whole stranger-to-client cycle for you (meaning you make money faster) etc.

You use this strategy by making win-win partnerships with partners that have access to your ideal prospects already.

#3 Automate

Strategy of automation is really where the “magic” happens in terms of results. You see, with all the strategies up until this point, the problem was that it left a lot of cracks for your prospects to “fall off” from your stranger-to-client process. It was almost impossible to “pick them where they left” and lead them forward to solving their problem (by becoming your client).

Automation really helps you fill those cracks and make your whole stranger-to-client process airtight as much as it can be.

And a lot of misconception circles around this being expensive or complicated. It’s really not. You can make it all that if you don’t know what you’re doing or just starting out, but that’s really not needed. You just have to understand the koncept and keep things super simple. That’s all that’s needed to make automation work for you like “magic”.

For this strategy to work you use FB Ads (or some other paid platform that allow you to retarget your group of leads), email automation etc.

This was “filling the cracks” part of automation. But Automate strategy has one more hidden gem… Reaching out to cold prospects on your behalf. You start small here and then proceed in regard to your income goals. Just make sure that you have all other strategies in place and working up until this point because they’ll be the one to finance these part of Automation. And know your numbers (eg. KPIs).  

Automation really makes “friction” disappear from “the spin” – making your business fly.

That’s it for this piece…

Today you experienced GRAVITY which is the last component of the SpinFramework™.

Now you know that for successful & sustainable 6-7 figure expert business you need all 3 pillars – RELEVANCY, BRIDGE and GRAVITY. By now you should also understand why they are important as a standalone pieces.

There is one more lesson to go… It’s what effect those 3 really produce for yourself and your business when they work as a “dream team”. That’s what we’ll find out next…




Next: We’ll talk about SpinEffect when SpinFramework™ and all three pillars – RELEVANCY, BRIDGE and GRAVITY are implemented into your business. It’s where synergy happens in your business…

You don’t want to miss this! Read it here in your Expert’s Growth Hub: SpinEffect™

Talk soon,

Founder, RockGrowth™ – Business Growth Expert for Experts
Creator, SpinFramework™

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#04 SpinFramework™ / Gravity

The fact is that your prospects – if you don’t proactively do something – don’t KNOW you exist or (worse) somehow stumble upon you once …

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