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9 Strategies That Power 7 Figure Expert Businesses & Make You Go-To Expert

If you’re aiming at 6-figures or are already looking to move to the magic 7 figure mark then you must understand this!

#01 SpinFramework™ Overview

Alan Ristić
June 3, 2019

Learning about business growth was probably the smartest thing you did in your whole business journey.

You won’t get any of those “guru advice” – do Fb Ads, do pre-launches, do landing and sales pages, webinar funnels, lead magnets, messenger bots, cold call, send emails etc.

You’ll get something completely different here…

You’ll get DEEP understanding of how business really works in 2019/20 and most importantly HOW to make your business finally work.

Ready to get your head blown? Let’s go….

Business Is A Triangle

Let’s start with the weird stuff you haven’t heard anywhere else first – and don’t worry, it will all make crystal sense in a minute or two…

It’s about why you don’t see results you’re after in your business or not seeing them fast enough even when you’re putting all the work in – hustling, grinding etc.

Business is by default – “Triangular”. It’s the law of physics. Triangular shape doesn’t spin. It can’t survive on its own. Like a newborn baby. If you just create it and let it be it’s not going to survive.

You having a service and registering a company or whatever it isn’t enough – doing that you only create “basic triangle”, nothing more. If you want to create a “flow” you have to get your business “spinning”, ideally with as little friction as possible.

So that’s what you’re after…making that Business Triangle into a Spinning Circle. Until now you were trying to spin triangle. It (obviously) doesn’t work as you’d like it to, right?

I’ll show you how you turn this Business Triangle into a Spinning Circle in a minute…

Let’s focus now on why you’re here in the first place… to grow your business – to get people to buy from you, right?


Why People Don’t Buy From You?

Here are few most common reasons why that’s the case:

Why People Don’t Buy From You?

  • They maybe don’t need or want what you offer to begin with.
    Nothing to do with this group of prospects.

  • They don’t KNOW you exist in the first place or (worse) forget about you.
    Building a website or having a blog or registering your company doesn’t really notify your prospects you exist or keep them in the loop. These activities are just a “droplets in the sea” in 2019/20. You need to get to them and earn their attention BEFORE you can even speak to them. And then keep that attention after first contact.

  • They maybe don’t UNDERSTAND your offer – what you can actually do for them.
    Confusion is the enemy of sale. Especially in today’s fast paced era where people’s attention span is like that of a Goldfish – 5 seconds.

  • Next is that they maybe don’t TRUST you enough
    They don’t trust that you can deliver results you’ve promised. When they meet you, you’re just another someone who’s saying the same thing as everyone else. If you combine that with prospect’s unsuccessful (maybe even scammy) experiences from the past, you can better understand why they’re not trusting you, right?

  • Maybe they “fall through the cracks
    They start the purchase process but Life happens and they don’t finish the process.

And I’ve tried to solve that in previous 10 years one-by-one… At best it worked a bit – a got client or few, then again crickets…

I know how it feels….. Excruciating damn frustration!! I literally pulled ⅓ of my hair out of my head because of that…

Current Mix Of Inefficiencies

I’ve done most of mistakes you’re doing right now too:

  • Constantly Create Social Media/Email Content
    Creating gazillion pieces of content. Producing all that content takes inhumanly amount of time. Constant involvement. And In best way resulting in vanity metrics like few likes and comments…maybe not even that. Sales? Nada!

  • Create fancy website, landing pages, sales pages, funnels
    Spending crazy amount of money & time buying courses, softwares, tools etc. just to find out at the end everything needs “something else”.

    All just pieces of the puzzle that never ends and produces so “many” sales that don’t even cover the initial investments leaving you questioning yourself and your ability to run a successful business – since “it works” for all of the gurus right?!

  • Cold Calling
    Wasting a huge amount of time first finding numbers, names etc., then talking to “wrong” people on the phone… Just to be humiliated on every second call and one in between. I don’t even have to tell you how (in)effective, stressful and exhausting this is this is, lol.

  • Giving “free trials”
    You do the hard work of “onboarding” new leads with a promise of some success. You put all the work that defuses all your energy (because you don’t need just one, but few of those leads since not all buy after “trial” ends) and leaves you with actually hurting your business cause now you underdeliver to current paying clients.

    “Freemium” clients tend to be worse to work with and often replace you with “cheaper” service provider after YOU show them service could work for them. So you’re actually building your competition up and your own business down. Not cool.
  • Doing FB Ads
    As gurus say… “low priced” FB Ads that are linked to Lead Magnet (Checklists, Guides or god-forbid “Tripwires”)… But that “low priced” $10 investments in Ads fast starts to multiply…until its $100, then $500, then $1000, then five, then ten… You do get some leads. But sales? Again few-to-none.

  • Waiting on Referrals
    Referrals are great I too love them, but… they are outside of your control. Running your business on “hope” someone will refer someone else to you is creepy if not ludacris! You’re left in constant stress IF next client will come and when. Not to mention growing your business this way is out of options.

And there are other stuff… But ALL this stuff is exhausting! You’re constantly on “hamster wheel” of hustle… Find client, serve client. Find clients, serve client… Constantly searching for “magic silver bullet” – tool, strategy, a tactic that would finally make your business “spin”… and the bad news is that nothing of that will actually “save you” – produce results that you’re after (as you already realized by now).

Remember Business is Triangle analogy? That’s what you were doing. “Influencing” one side. Then you stopped doing that. Then your focused on second side… then you stopped doing that. Then third… and then back to first. Maybe (hopefully) it brought little results – few clients – but then again clickets! All over again…

There is clear and simple solution to that which I’ll reveal to you in just a minute… (stay with me – I’m NOT selling you anything here).

But first know that I, just like you,“pushed” that Business Triangle too…

My Story

Know that you don’t have to feel bad/stupid/unworthy (or any negative emotion associated) about yourself because of all the problems and issues you’re currently experiencing. I know it’s super painful at the moment.

Currently I’m considered a “business growth genius” by my clients… I BECAMEgo to person” when it comes to business growth.

But it didn’t happen overnight. It took me 10 years, 3 businesses, 1 non-profit and approx. $300.000 to “figure” this – business growth stuff out and optimize it for highest rate of stranger to best client conversion in the shortest amount of time.

In that 10 years I married and got 8 year and 6 months pumpkin – which were great things. And…. lil’ less “great” things – lost apartment we were all living at the time, lost 2 best friends and most other social network I’ve build until then etc.

I don’t want you to waste all that time & money. I want to “fast pace” you…

I’ll just give you all on a silver platter.


Because we (you and me both) are NOT in this entrepreneurship “game” just for the money. Sure money is super important, but it’s not the “end game”.

I believe we are here primarily for two reasons:

#1 Freedom of Choice

Being able to (a) do what you want, (b) when you want, (c) with whoever you want, (b) because you want to, right? That’s my life’s motto for freedom.

#2 Impact and Legacy

And directly impacting people with your service/program is cool. You elevate someone’s life. No better feeling than that, right? But think about how that human – client of yours – transforms other people’s lives for the better because you helped them elevate their life and/or business?

It doesn’t really matter how – fixing mums bodies after they gave birth, helping people find their purpose or have better relationships, business owners reach more people…whatever it is you’re offering and contributing.  

Realize that you don’t impact just that 10, 100 or 1000 people you directly “touch”…. By you helping them transform, YOU and your business actually elevate life of millions more THEY “touch”!

Now that’s the LEGACY I’m talking about!




But in order to create those two – freedom of choice and legacy – you must make your business “spin” by getting people to actually buy your service/product from you – consistently, predictably and “on demandeffectively taking control over your business into your hands.

I told you I’ll show you how to make Business Triangle Circular, so here it is….





It’s something I crafted over this past 10 years….

It’s called SpinFramework™… And yes it makes your Business Triangle “physics-friendly”… Circular & spinnin’

Ultimately building your that predictable, “on demand” levers that you’re striving for…

  1. Best Clients
    The ones that are committed to their success. Making you look like a hero!

  2. Best Partners
    Ones that are committed to your success.

  3. Lots of Money
    Surplus you can reinvest to make “spin effect” even faster – producing more of all three.

So HOW SpinFramework™ enables you all that?

In a nutshell the koncept is super simple and consists of 3 basic pillars: #1 Relevancy, #2 Bridge and #3 Gravity.

When you know how be RELEVANT to your prospects, BRIDGE those prospects to happy clients, and how to GRAVITATE them towards you at will, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly grow your expert business to be the business you dream of and deserve.




Now let’s explore them in a bit more detail…

#1 Relevancy

Remember earlier when we talked about why people don’t buy from you and one of the reasons was that they maybe don’t UNDERSTAND you offer – what you can actually do for them?

RELEVANCY tackles that challenge… How to create a compelling and highly desirable marketing message that deeply resonates with your ideal prospects?

And not just that. It also positions you as the ONLY option for your prospects to buy from when deciding they are ready to solve their problem. It effectively eliminates competition like it never existed.

And like those two aren’t super-valuable, the most important part of Relevancy is something I call Compass! It’s purpose is to keep you on-track when you derail. We’re all just humans, we all fall. And it’s important to have a tool in place that helps you get back up when times are tough. This is achieved when you build your business in a way that it becomes Relevant and worthy of time and commitment, not just to your prospects and clients, but to YOU and your desired lifestyle! We’ll talk about this more in detail in the next part.

Second pillar is…

#2 Bridge

Next thing on why people don’t buy from you is that your prospects don’t TRUST you enough or they “fall through the cracks.”

BRIDGE is here to solve this… It shows you how to build authority fast, become the “biggest fish” in the ocean (eg. a “go-to” expert for solving certain problem) and how you reverse the “becoming a client process” – making prospects start fighting to work with you instead of you trying to convince them!

It’s all about your authenticity, integrity, uniqueness and you being of service. That’s Bridge…and it’s created through leadership. That’s what you become with SpinFramework™ (if you’re not there just yet) – The Leader.

Third pillar is…

#3 Gravity

Another crucial reason on why people don’t buy from you was that your prospects don’t KNOW you exist in the first place or (worse) somehow meet you once for a few moments and then forget about you.

GRAVITY answers the following challenge… How to consistently capture your prospect’s attention by showing up every single day?

It’s your ability to make your ideal prospects feel like you’re constantly present for them – they are constantly seeing and are attracted to your business wherever they go.

It seems like “hard” and a lot of work but it really isn’t. It’s super-simple and establishes “endless stream” of best prospects into your business. Under your control of course. Maybe sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s true.




We’ll talk more deeply about each of SpinFramework™ pillars and how they propel your business further, faster in the next chapters of this guide…

There just isn’t enough room in this piece to show you everything else I’ve got for you. I know you’re busy as all we owners all are, so I do my best to deliver lessons to you in super-value-packed and easy digestible format.




Next: how do you become RELEVANT to your prospects? And not just relevant, but the ONLY viable option to their problem – effectively cancelling all your competition from decision making (e.g. buying) process?

Can you imagine how much simpler selling becomes this way, right? YOU as THE ONLY OPTION to your prospects? Communicating exact solution THEY are looking for? Booom!

Read it here in your Expert’s Growth Hub: RELEVANCY

Talk soon,

Founder, – Business Growth Expert for Experts
Creator, SpinFramework™

*** *** ***

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Table of Contents

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#01 SpinFramework™ Overview

Learning about business growth was probably the smartest thing you did in your whole business journey. You won’t get any of those “guru advice” – …

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#02 SpinFramework™ / Relevancy

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#03 SpinFramework™ / Bridge

BRIDGE pillar in SpinFramework™ tackles the fact that your prospects most of the time simply aren’t ready to transform themselves thus invest in your solution …

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#04 SpinFramework™ / Gravity

The fact is that your prospects – if you don’t proactively do something – don’t KNOW you exist or (worse) somehow stumble upon you once …

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#05 SpinFramework™ / SpinEffect™

Let’s recap how 3 pillars of SpinFramework™ influence your expert business… #1 RELEVANCY Relevancy is the foundational pillar dealing with the fact that you should …

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