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#02 SpinFramework™ / Relevancy

Alan Ristić
June 3, 2019

In previous part we did 3000ft overview of why people don’t buy from you and how to fix that. Next we’ll dive deeper into each of the pillars of SpinFramework™ one by one and really learn how to make all that work in your business and flip odds of success in your favour…




When you think in life what we’re really trying to accomplish is we are trying to be relevant to the right person.

Think about it – husband to wife, mom to daughter, friend to friend, therapist to patient, coach to coachee, presenter to an audience, copywriter to a business owner etc.

On my business and personal journey in all areas of my life – physics/health, spirituality, emotions, relationships, strategies etc., there were some special – RELEVANT people – mentors – that crossed my path, that helped me, influenced me – that really propelled me to the next level and helped me transform.  

I’m 100% certain you had people positively influence your life in a big way too…

And understand that YOU are the same “change agent”! You have the same specific ability or gift if you will – to be able to help people elevate their lives, businesses, relationship etc.

But more times than not it becomes extremely difficult to find and attract those people… the ones you’re able and willing to help…

Getting that people – complete strangers – to buy anything from you most of the times feels like complete sci-fi by itself, right?

Why is it so hard to attract clients when you see, know and understand, based on their current situation they’d thrive if they just let you help them?!?! *sigh*


  • Sometimes prospects don’t understand you
    They aren’t sure how you help them and if you can help them and their specific case.

  • Sometimes they choose competition instead of you
    We all “sing” same transformations, right? More clients, more money, better relationships with others with yourself etc.

So HOW do you solve this things inside your business with SpinFramework™? How do you createa compelling and highly desirable marketing message that deeply resonates with your ideal prospects?

And not just that. It also positions you as the ONLY option for your prospects to buy from when deciding they are ready to solve their problem. It effectively eliminates competition like it never existed.

For RELEVANCY to happen you have to get these three things nailed down:

  1. The right Avatar
  2. The right Offer
  3. The right Compass

After 10 years of helping experts entrepreneurs, studying various industries I noticed this 3 things are really what relevance is about…

It’s about being able to have:

  1. The right Avatar
    To be able, not just babble things you’ve picked from your competition on the internet, but to understand your prospects better than they understand themselves. Only then are you able to, not just speak “their language” in your marketing and finally get their attention, but to really understand why your solution is worth to them…beyond money.

    Then there’s…

  2. The right Offer
    The prospect must understand that you and your offer are relevant to him and his problem – exactly what they’re looking for! And few other things we’ll explore in a sec.

  3. The right Compass
    And finally having a clear destination and strong enough reason that pulls you forward daily and even more importantly through “tough times”.

Let’s explore all three in more detail. Let’s explore the logic behind why these 3 are so powerful and impactful to your success and really HOW you achieve them in your business…

Having these three things right means the difference between someone seeing you as most-relevant inside their life vs. no one wanting to do business with you – not now, not ever!

A difference between you wondering why you have to “go to work today” vs jumping out of bed full of enthusiasm like a kid waiting to get that promised present on birthday!

And remember… RELEVANCY is built by YOU, not your marketplace (as it’s wrongly thought by some people in “marketing world”)-

So let’s explore strategies…

#1 Define Ideal Avatar

This is one of the foundational steps since you must understand your prospects like your best friends if you want to be understood.

You must talk about things they care deeply about.

We humans have a tendency to lie to ourselves without us even knowing! We create s.c. blindspots to ourselves. We tend to minimize major things in life and overblow minor things. Focusing our energy and resources on the “wrong” things, ultimately staying stuck somewhere we don’t want to be.

I don’t wanna go into why this happens as it touches behavioral psychology etc. but know that you MUST know these things for your prospects. You MUST know what’s happening under the surface.

Failing to do this correctly transfers this failure to everything you do from this point onwards – marketing, selling, content… everything!

And simply talking about these “under the surface” things with your prospects puts you in a position where prospects now start assuming you have the solution to that.

So how do you do this?  Simple. Understand their struggles, fears, desires and aspirations better than they do.

The next strategy is your Offer.

#2 Tune-In Your Offer

Your offer is 2-sided “beast” by itself…

One one side you have to package it correctly in a way that:

  1. It speaks directly to your prospects (e.g. “sells itself”). This way you’ll be instantly understood and highly desired.
  2. It must be priced correctly in a way that’s right for you, your income goals and your prospects abilities.
  3. It has to be positioned in a way that eliminates all other competition completely, leaving you and your offer as the only option for your prospects if they want their problem solved (eg. outcome you promise).

On the other side your offer must have leveraged delivery model that fits your lifestyle (less pressure for your active work, giving you more time freedom). So for example if you’re doing 1:1 work, you should expand that 1:Many, like group work/coaching etc. Or if you’re a service provider see how you can delegate more of your work to others etc.

SpinFramework™ (obviously) helps you fine-tune all this stuff in your offer and more.



Now as I already mentioned Relevancy has one more hidden gem, that’s even more important than 2 things above! Hard to believe I know…

It’s the fact that you MUST make your business and offer relevant not just to your prospects but to you and your lifestyle. If you don’t you risk putting all the work, time, energy and resources into something that gets you to wrong destination for the wrong type of reasons.
So the third strategy in Relevancy pillar of SpinFramework ™ is Calibrating Your Compass.

#3 Calibrate Compass

This is by far the most important piece of the puzzle missed by most (if not all) major “players” who’re trying to teach you how to make your business work. Not because they wouldn’t want you to have that piece, but because it requires a completely different set of skills to effectively teach/help implement this – behavioural psychology.

We humans are not robots. We all fall and fail. It’s how we learn, it’s how we grow. That’s why having a mechanism that pulls you out of the “rut” in place is a must.

You MUST have a clear destination and strong enough reason in place that pull you forward daily and even more importantly through “tough times”. Add to that constant mindset re-frame, that helps you control or even eliminate most of your fears and blockers and you have a recipe to becoming almost bulletproof!

Define those and not just your business, but your life will change!

That’s it for this piece…

Today you experienced RELEVANCY pillar of SpinFramework™. And we’d stop there if this would be enough to build predictable 6-7 figure business. But as you can imagine there’s something else missing…

You see RELEVANCY has one major “weakness” when used by itself – when transforming complete strangers – your ideal prospects – in into premium, paying and really best and most committed clients…

Can you guess what it is?

It’s TIME.

From my 10 years of experience I noticed a pattern in how people buy… they rarely buy on the spot. Especially higher and/or things that deal with their bigger problems. What that means is that even with high relevancy you have small “window” of attention span where you’re actually able to make a sale – a small number of chances to make the sale…

What that means is that you lose them if you don’t convert them to paying client on the spot… And it’s not that they are not interested because you are relevant, we solved that.

The thing is that maybe Life kicked in to your prospect when they were deciding on buying your service, someone maybe interrupted them, maybe they need to think a bit longer, maybe they had to pick up kids from school…gazillion of possible distractions that can and will happen that will pull prospect away from buying your product/service on the spot.

So how do we deal with that scenario?  That’s what we’ll find out next…




Next: how to  build authority fast, become the “biggest fish” in the ocean (eg. a “go-to” expert for solving certain problem) and how you reverse the “selling process” – making prospects start fighting to work with you (eg. “hunt you”) instead of you trying to convince them? We’ll talk about BRIDGE pillar of SpinFramework™.

Read it here in your Expert’s Growth Hub: BRIDGE

Talk soon,
– Alan

Founder, RockGrowth™ – Business Growth Expert for Experts
Creator, SpinFramework™

*** *** ***

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