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9 Strategies That Power 7 Figure Expert Businesses & Make You Go-To Expert

If you’re aiming at 6-figures or are already looking to move to the magic 7 figure mark then you must understand this!

#05 SpinFramework™ / SpinEffect™

Alan Ristić
June 3, 2019

Let’s recap how 3 pillars of SpinFramework influence your expert business…


Relevancy is the foundational pillar dealing with the fact that you should build a business that’s relevant to both – you and your prospect likewise.

On the prospect’s side making you relevant to your prospect:

  • They stop ignoring your messaging and pay attention when you “speak”
  • Prospects stop choosing your competition instead of you. You become no.1 (and only) choice for them

On your side making your business relevant to you:

  • Protects your time by fine-tuning the (delivery) model of your Offer
  • Makes sure you’re moving towards right end goal(s) with the right reasons


BRIDGE pillar tackles the fact that your prospects most of the time simply aren’t ready to transform themselves thus invest in your solution first time they meet you. They don’t know you enough and probably don’t trust you enough either.

The goal of BRIDGE pillar is to create what I call a “desire-demand pathway”. To build your authority instantly, build your tribe, enabling your lead time they need to make the “next step” and at the end to enroll only best clients without any sleazy manipulative and push tactics, but by leading prospect to do what’s best for them (and sometimes that means your solution isn’t fit for them or they themselves are not fit for you and that’s ok too). That’s true bridge created through leadership.


GRAVITY answers the following challenge… How do you consistently capture enough of your prospect’s attention in the right place at the right time? Where and how do you find your best prospects?

It gives you the ability to make your ideal prospects feel like you’re constantly present for them – they are constantly seeing and are attracted to your business wherever they go.

It turns from invisible and non-existent to omnipresent, making sure you never run out of people/clients you’re here to serve and help.



So when you know how be RELEVANT to your prospects, BRIDGE those prospects to happy clients, and how to GRAVITATE them towards you at will, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly grow your expert business to be the business you dream of and deserve.

When you have all 3 pillars in place you are able to create what I coined as SpinEffect™.

Here is where “synergy” in your expert business happens

That one-by-one linear results you’re constantly hustling and pushing for finally takes off and starts producing exponential results!


By you building “buckets”:

  • With RELEVANCY and BRIDGE you’re building Tribe Bucket
  • With BRIDGE and GRAVITY you’re building Partners Bucket
  • With RELEVANCY and GRAVITY you’re building Money Bucket

And these 3 “buckets” are really “on demand” levers every business owner/expert on this planet strives to have… This is where SpinEffect™ happens. This is where that exponential results start to happen.

This is how it works:

  • More prospects and leads mean more clients
  • More clients and leads become new partners
  • Partners bring more leads and more clients
  • More partners and clients generate more money
  • More (reinvested) money means better employees, tools, infrastructure, education etc. that in turn again generate more leads, clients and partners…

So as you can see SpinEffect actually feeds itself under your control.

SpinEffect™ is what makes your business lucrative and joyful while helping more people

This is how you really:

  • become in-demand go-to authority in your industry
  • give yourself a (massive) pay raise while actually feel great doing it and your clients happily pay for it
  • become exclusive & selective with who you work with
  • get your time back (earning more by working less)
  • finally stabilize your income & growth with predictability to dollar and day
  • become powerful & in charge of your own business
  • grow your business first to 5-figure, then 6-figure, 7-figure and beyond (you start from your current position)
  • and more!



Ideally I’d now show you “BUY NOW” button and that would be it for both of us. But unfortunately that isn’t the case. We only work with experts we’re 100% confident we can help fast and the ones we “click” with.  

Which leaves you with at least one more question open.

How do you implement SpinFramework into your own business and achieve that synergic SpinEffect™ fast?

Well… you can choose 2 options:

Choice #1: You try to do it by yourself

I really wouldn’t suggest going this road since it’s painful, loooong and full of errors that will cost you time and money.

And since it’s longer than alternative you’re also affected by s.c. “opportunity cost”, which means that if you need for example 12 months to implement this (btw it took me 10 years!) you’d be starting to charge and get the “right price” after 12 months.

So you’re effectively losing approx. 20,000-100,000/month for 12 months. That’s 240,000-1,200,000 of cash you’re literally giving to your competition to grow their business.

Like you, I’m also aware some time passed before meeting me and SpinFramework™…  So add that “searching for solution” time – was it months? – to this simple equation and you’ll get a more accurate number of how much money you could have right now but you don’t.

If you believe that’s an option for you, you’re more than welcome to learn from your Expert’s Growth Hub. We’ll do our best to make it as valuable as it can be for you.

That said…there is a faster, effective and efficient option #2…

Choice #2: We do it with you in 12 weeks

It’s fast. In only 90 days you’ll have 6+ Figure expert business set up by (probably) working less than you do right now. It’s in clear step-by-step style map custom tailored to your field of expertise and your current starting point. We guide you through every obstacle and roadblock that might show up on the way.

SpinFramework™ is really my invention so there is literally no one more suitable on the planet to help you out with this.

If you’d prefer this approach, here is how you do it:

  1. check if the SpinKit Workshop offer seems RELEVANT to you – Click Here
  2. on that page you have big yellow button/section that says “Book 10 Min Clarity Call” or something similar. Push it and follow instructions.

Let me just warn you that unless you’re extremely lucky there probably won’t be any Clarity Call slots free (you can imagine why) but you can get on the waiting list there and we’ll open new slots soon. Now if you do get a free slot, take it. It’s rare.

Clarity Call is fast 10min conversation with Alan or someone from his team 1:1. It’s there to see what’s stopping you from getting results currently, where you are and what results you’re after and to really qualify you and your business for working with us. We don’t offer all owners we talk to the opportunity for the next step, but we 100% advise every owner/expert that gets on this call on what the best steps are in our opinion to get the results you’re after for your specific case.



That’s all from my part on SpinFramework™ in this series. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it and learned something new.

There will be more amazing lessons heading your way that will help you grow your business even more in the next days and in your Expert’s Growth Hub. For now I’ll let you “be” so that all this can sink in.

Welcome to the Tribe friend. Now you’re part of the smartest experts in the world.

Reply and introduce yourself. See what happens 😉

Talk soon,

Founder, RockGrowth™ – Business Growth Expert for Experts
Creator, SpinFramework™

*** *** ***

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