Quite often in life, we tend to solve problems with solutions that create even more problems.

Life tends to be joyful when things are clear and simple.

If you’re frustrated with some issue, think who solved that already. Maybe the solution is simpler than you imagine.

Ask your friends or business partner or an expert in the field for advice. Talk to someone, anyone as it is very likely you’ll get a new perspective on issues or the solution itself.

That alone will trigger new thoughts in your brain and rethinking about the problem in the first place.

Maybe the solution isn’t that far away and the problem isn’t that “unsolvable” after all?

Most certainly just one decision away anyway.

And here is a golden nugget for today – don’t be afraid to make the “wrong” move. Sometimes even a wrong solution leads to the right solution when you get stuck. You just have to make the step and take the responsibility to learn from it – 💯% always.

Do you agree? Anything to add?

Talk soon 👊
– Alan

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