Remember that who you are is your choice.

The world, society, your friends, parents, teachers, your bad experiences…

They don’t dictate who you are or who you become!

You do.

Who you are is NOT an accident either.

Everything you are is a reflection of how YOU see yourself and how YOU interpret the world around you and what YOU have decided to be and become.

The good & the bad.

YOU chose both.

So did I.

Outside forces may have influenced those decisions… But THEY DID NOT MAKE the decision… YOU DID.

And if you aren’t happy with who you are that’s a shitty thing to have to accept.

I get it.

But on the flip side… Once you ACCEPT that, you’re also accepting that YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

You are accepting that YOU GET TO CALL THE SHOTS.

You accept that you are the frigging LEADER!

And thats a great feeling! The best feeling! Cause the options are now literally endless!

So who are you gonna chose to be?

My only advice…Make it something AWESOME!

-AR 🦍
#alwaysBecoming #shiftingAndShapingMyself

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