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We have a great ticketing system in place for our members (jou’re invited to join as it’s free – login/register).

Or you can simply shoot an email to (be clear with your request in subject line) and we’ll get back to you in a day or two. Depends on the amount of work our support team has.

Few ways we can help you better / faster….

  1. Like our FB Page and Join our FB Group – The Art Of Growing Expert Business
    Join other experts in similar situation/niche like yours and help each other out.

  2. Book your free 10 min Clarity Call™
    If you’ve had enough of your current situation and you want to grow your business faster. We’ll ideantify what’s holding you back from achieving your business goals and see what your best next action is (there’s no selling on the call, but spots are limited as these are done 1:1 with you on selected date/time) – Let’s Talk

  3. Get Support or Get In Touch With Us
    If you’re experiencing any issues with your membership, need to get in touch for any business related reason or are existing client that needs help – Submit Your Ticket