Why You’ll Go Extinct While Expert Industry Is Actually Booming?!

From the bottom of my heart I hope I’m wrong, but my 10 years experience from trenches working with experts in various industries forecasts quite dramatic outcome for most (ordinary) experts.

Experts Industry Is Booming.

Extraordinary experts have a bright future ahead of them. If you’ve been in trenches you’ve probably observed a pattern where everyone is (or is becoming) an expert of some kind these days.


Experts are needed these days more than ever. (Smart) people realized that the fastest way to professional and/or personal results is to hire and expert who’s been where they want to be. So they rather hire an expert than trying to figure it out by themselves. #smart

And yet vast majority of experts are dying from hunger and burnout
(or are about to in next year or two).


Well cause you’re a Rabbit.

Don’t Be A Rabbit!


It’s really scary to me how many of you (me included) share the same “rabbit hole” journey before finding the solution and exploding your business (in a good way, lol).

Let’s explore “rabbit hole” real fast so that you can identify where YOU are right now (hopefully before you “die”).

Despite you having all the frigging knowledge in the world on the Internet for free, on how to move from where you are currently stuck to where you want to be, you’re still stuck. Why you think is that?

Here is why…

I created the RockGrowth.com consultancy because I realized how inefficient currentbuy a course”, “buy a tool“, “do what everyone else are doingapproach to solving your problems are if you want results fast.

I mean I tried and studied quite “few” (probably more than 50) courses out there on various business/marketing topics – and not just “Udemy” like sites – but premium courses from “gurus” and experts that go into $2-5k in price and are accessible only once or twice a year.

I created my own courses, been in group coaching-s/masterminds and read quadrillion books. Nothing delivered that “silver bullet” I was looking so desperately for!

Most of them have basic flaw for most people. Only handful of people (students) successfully implement what’s been told and actually get results.

And it’s NOT that courses or tools or tactics are necessarily bad. There’s something else at play hereIt’s you thinking like a damn rabbit!

Let’s explore this “Rabbit Thinking” thing next:

  •  I’m an Expert I Should Be Successful!
  •  I’ll Buy A Course
  •  I’ll Set Up A New Fancy Tool
  •  I’ll Just Do What Leaders In My Industry Are Doing

Yeah… it (won’t) work. 

Here is why. First you think to yourself…

#1 – I’m an Expert I Should Be Successful!

Entitlements is inefficient (at best).

Ok I get it… You got your education, knowledge and maybe even a certificate of some kind. Maybe even three. That’s cool. Congrats.

But then somehow you believe, because you’re an expert in your domain, that you’re an expert in growing your business?

You believe that now, because you have a certificate or have written on your FB that you’re an expert people should flood your bank account with money?!

Oh boy… And don’t worry, I don’t judge(ever). I was there too. I believed that too (for even too long). That’s why I’m uncovering this delusion for you.

Business growth “topic” is a skill like any other. If you want to win, you have to master it, just like any other skill. And the fastest way to get there is to get a mentor that shows you how to navigate all the roadblocks that pop up along the way.

So ok… then you realize you need some help. “But mentors are expensive” you say to yourself… I’ll buy a course. It should work.

#2 – I’ll Buy A Course

Then you buy a course. And nothing. And you buy another one. Again nothing. And another one, and another one..

Why courses don’t work when they promise they will?!

Well here are few reasons real fast…

1/4 – Lack Of Connection Between Process And Money

Most programs teach you how to do this or that process. How to get more followers on SM. How to write better copy. How to look better on video. Jada jada… What majority of them don’t do is they don’t show you (step-by-step) how to translate that process to money in your pocket! Useless at this point of your journey.

Contrast that when working with RockGrowth.com – money, impact and more free time in your pocket are actually the end goals! And we guide you step-by-step to them based on your current situation.

2/4 – Course is Regurgitated Iteration (often much worse) Of Some Other Course

It’s just the sad truth. Lots of s.c. “gurus” just buy the first course they can get their hands on and sell it like theirs. In reality they have no freaking idea what they’re selling. Not cool. And you definitely don’t get any results from that.

Contrast that when working with RockGrowth.com – 10 years of experience working with and helping experts in various industries, just like you. 

3/4 – Lack Of Accountability

Many s.c. “leaders” are all but that. They just want to get rich fast with passive-income course. They make it. You buy it. Nothing happens.

They allow you to get lost in the crowd. Here is what I mean…

When you as a “student” aren’t accountable to anyone, that usually leads to procrastination. Life kicks in and course stays there to be implemented “one day when you’ll have time”. Which rarely if ever happens of course.

Contrast that when working with RockGrowth.com – where we pull you out of the rut, if we have to manually! There’s no place on earth you can hide and not do the work.

4/4 – Tacit Knowledge Gap And Lack Of Support

If you don’t know what tacit knowledge is – it’s basically things you don’t know you know so it’s hard to transfer/teach that to another person.

And we (you, me & other) experts in the field are full of tacit knowledge. It’s also why we are able to call ourselves experts in the first place.

I found it’s super hard (don’t want to use impossible term here) to pack ALL (100%) that “back of the head” knowledge into the course.

When you’re executing tactic by yourself and something isn’t quite clear to you or something doesn’t work as expected, you need to ask someone how to proceed. You need that extra explanation that clears the fog and puts you back on track.

This level of support is usually missing in courses.

Contrast that when working with RockGrowth.com – it’s not that we offer support, we teach support to our clients! We extend beyond you… we care not just for you and your results, but we care for your client’s success also!



I could go for next few pages why “passive-income” courses in business growth space don’t work in current state, but let’s rather get back to your “rabbit hole” journey and how you can get out that.

So after you purchase 10 courses and (in)waste 10s of thousands of dollars you start realizing you probably need something else. You expand your horizon on tools leaders in your industry are using to win, right?

Logic is simple; it must be the tools that make them win!

So, in hope for that “silver bullet” that will save you and your business, you “buy” yourself that fancy tool.

#3 – I’ll Set Up A New Fancy Tool

The funny/ironic part in what I’m about to tell you is that I was computer science student loving artificial intelligence, tools and other software ninja tricks for solving business problems.

But there is just this much tech tools can do for you currently. They are still dumb

They don’t work if you don’t make them work.

They do what they are told and do that quite well. Mailchimp sends super reliable emails, Leadpages makes great looking landing pages etc.

But here starts the challenge with business growth. Which really is art mixed with science. In most cases it needs human creativeness, expert’s domain knowledge (that’s you), and business growth knowledge (that’s me) and on top of that every business is different by your values, beliefs, tone, environment where you operate and approach to solving problems for your clients, who your clients are etc.

Long story short; you must know & understand exact strategy, expected outcome and tactic – a process, if you want to support it with the tool. Not the other way around (as you hoped it would be).

So after your tool “hope dope” wears out and you finally admit to yourself tool’s not gonna save you, something else needs to be done…

So you try to go with the next logical step; model what leaders in industry are doing!

#4 – I’ll Just Do What Leaders In My Industry Are Doing

You know what I’m talking about. It’s you deciding to (in)waste your money and/or time in things like SEO, Webinars, FB Ads, Adwords, Website, Social Media Posts/Followers, Building Email Funnels, Tripwires, Guest Blogging, Writing Articles etc.

That would actually be as close as you’d get to winning on your own, but… (there’s always a “but”, right?!)

But what you usually don’t count in is that leaders are far ahead of you in business “game”. They are in different position and different business stage than you. They have resources, they have a team, they’re testing things out, experimenting. All of which costs money AND time. Something you simply can’t afford to lose more of or you’ll die.

And then it happens… Time to face the harsh truth; the fact that you’re indeed a Rabbit, stuck deep in the Rabbit Hole… so deep in fact that you can’t even climb out of anymore.



At this point many experts go broke and close their business, get a job that pays the bills and live miserably to the rest of their life feeling as a failures. It’s a bit dramatic I know, but doesn’t make it any less true.

And it’s not just the fact that you’ve (in)wasted all that money and time on things that have put you in a position where you’re barely surviving today. It’s actually something else that’s hurting you even more….

It’s opportunity cost; If you’d solved all this issues few months/years back you could be earning (and impacting) big! So you missed that also(which is muuuuuch more than what you’ve (in)wasted.)

I don’t wanna go in details now as my intention here isn’t to make you more depressive, but to empower you and show you how you can win..

My hopes for you are high. I know you’re smart!

How do I know? Well you’re here, aren’t you? Visiting RockGrowth.com has the potential to change everything for you regarding your business success.

And don’t worry about not being a “rabbit”. Worry if you decide to stay a rabbit. What you do next, once you realize you’re in “rabbit hole”, is what matters most for your future.

Success or failure are ENTIRELY in your hands!

It’s liberating feeling to know that it’s YOU who has CONTROL over YOUR SUCCESS, not current circumstances or past decisions and failures.

Last lesson explains why I believe you CAN win and shows you how.