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Thank you again for all the help and You do a great job modeling the way! #leader, #business, #entrepreneur

Kimberly Davis

Founder OnStage Leadership, TEDx Speaker & Author of Brave Leadership book

Thank you again for all the help and guidance you have been providing and will hopefully continue to do so. You’re such a blessing to this endeavor.

Heather Monschein

Co-founder of 616Bullfrog

Thank you for your kindness, compliments, & teachings! You display true leadership & style!

Penina Rybak

Founder Socially Speaking LLC and Author of The NICE Reboot book

But it’s NOT testimonials that makes the best for you.

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Thank you for awesome tips. You’re very helpful and like you promised, value-bombed! I felt stuck in between and then you just pushed me out of the ditch!

Kathrina Salonga

Founder of Virtualatlast

We Walked in Your Shoes


  • Prospects don’t “get you” and what you can do for them.
  • Constantly undercharging just to keep money flowing in so you can pay bills
  • Overwhelmed about 100 things you’re doing daily (hoping something works)
  • Clients nowhere to be found and highly inconsistent income months
  • Overworked constantly, neglecting spouse, kids and friends
  • Worried about the future of, not just business but your family’s existance!

Here’s How To Start


You don’t settle on your current income cap. You can earn way more than you currently do by actually working less and impact way more people along the way (in a positive way of course). You just have to know how.

So how is that possible for you?

Let’s walk the talk… Let’s put this CARE into action now!



5-Part trainig outlining; Why people don’t buy from you? How do you become #1 CHOICE for your prospects? How to consistently capture your prospect’s attention? How to earn LIKE and TRUST from your prospects? How to achieve Spin Effectpredictability, control and on-demand levers?


Book 10 min Clarity Call

Are you badass, decisive action-taker who loves speed in solving problems and growing own business like a “pro”? Or are you just simply tired, exhausted and frustrated swimming against the current with all trial and error you’re dealing with day-in/day-out?

If that’s the case, let’s dive deeper into what’s really holding you back in your business (issue is often completely different than what owner expected it to be).